Eddy Boudel Tan writes stories

from his book-filled apartment in the West End of Vancouver.

His work depicts a world much like our own — the heroes are flawed, truth is distorted, and there is as much hope as there is heartbreak. He wants people to feel things that are explosive and unexpected, to find new ways of seeing the familiar. 

A second-generation Asian Canadian, Eddy celebrates diverse voices and provocative perspectives. He is proud to identify as queer and champion stronger LGBTQ+ representation in the arts. 

He lives with his husband by the ocean where they host dinner parties, run along the beach, give standing ovations, and plot micro-revolutions. Besides having professional experience in communications strategy and brand design, he serves home-cooked meals to the homeless as cofounder of the Sidewalk Supper Project.

Eddy’s most valued form of education is travel. He has visited over thirty countries since three perspective-altering weeks building houses for families in El Salvador. Subsequent journeys have taken him from subterranean caves in Iceland to the tops of volcanoes in Indonesia. 

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For interviews, speaking engagements, book club appearances, and other inquiries, email: eddy.boudel.tan@gmail.com

Agent: Jessica Faust

BookEnds Literary Agency


Photography: Amalie Tan (top) and Thomas Boudel Tan (bottom)

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